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Trial Install

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Installing the SI5.5 Trial

Thank you for your interest in D-Tools System Integrator 5.5 (SI5.5).  The intent of this article is to assure that you understand how to properly install SI5.5.  The first thing to understand is that our trial of is actually the full Professional version of SI5.5 so that you can experience and explore all features and functions.  If you decide to purchase licenses of SI5.5, no reinstall is necessary since you have the fully functioning software already installed.

The second thing to understand is that there are two installs for SI5.5, the SI5.5 Server and the SI5.5 Client.   The SI5.5 Server must be installed and it can be installed on any machine on your network.  Most often, users installing our Trial will install the SI5.5 Server and SI5.5 Client components on the same machine (usually their laptop/desktop PC) and then when they purchase, they choose to move SI5.5 Server installation to another machine such as a dedicated server on their network.  The four primary steps for installing SI5.5 are: Install the SI5.5 Server, Register and Create Users, Install Visio and/or AutoCAD (optional), Install the SI5.5 Client.

Prior to proceeding, we highly recommend that you open the SI5.5 Installation and Administration Guide and follow the steps outlined within exactly.

One – Installing the Server

  1. Choose a machine that you would like to host the SI5.5 Server components.  This must be a machine on the same Workgroup/Domain as the machine on which you intend to install the SI5.5 Client components.
  2. Follow the instructions on pages 21-38.  We recommend you read the onscreen instructions rather than just clicking [Next] through the install.

Two – Registering and Creating Users

  1. Follow the instructions on pages 39-41.  In step 1 on pg. 39, you are prompted to login to the SI5.5 Administration Console.  If you did not change the User Name and Password during the installation of the SI5.5 Server the default is: Username = admin, Password = admin
  2. Create a User following the instructions on pg. 42.  The User Name and Password that you create here will be what you use to login to the SI5.5 Client.

Three – Install Visio and/or AutoCAD

  1. The trial of SI5.5 does not include a license of Microsoft Visio or AutoDesk AutoCAD.   You can download a trial of Visio 2007 here.
  2. Follow onscreen instructions for installing the Trial of Visio.

Note: if you already have Visio and or AutoCAD installed, you can move onto installing the SI5.5 Client.  See our System Requirements for details on supported versions.

Four – Install the SI5.5 Client

  1. Follow the instructions on pages 56-63.

When finished, your trial of SI5.5 will be ready to use.  We recommend that you peruse our Help Videos and SI5.5 User Guide to assist you with your evaluation.



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