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Desktop Server Sync

SI5.5: Desktop and server must have synchronized time

time_sync_1bDue to the way the SI5.5 file manager works, it is important that SI5.5 server and desktop applications are time-synchronized to ensure no loss of data. This posting provides some instructions on effective ways to do that, as suggested by Microsoft.

Bug Description

When checking out a project, the desktop application receives a timestamp from the server. Let’s say that’s 2:00 pm server time. When the desktop user, whose clock is at 1:30 pm, decides to check in the project, the server thinks it has a newer version of the file and overwrites the changes that the desktop user made.


Immediate - manually set the clock time of the desktop to be the same as the server before checking out projects

Short-term – synchronize the clocks on the server and all desktops.

This is the default behavior in a Windows domain environment. Click here to read a Microsoft article on this subject.

In a workgroup, you can synchronize to an internet source by following the instructions here.

For Vista, there are no Microsoft articles but this blog entry has some useful tips.

Long-term – a permanent solution will be included in our next release/service pack



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