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Permissions Unavailable

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New SI 5.5 Permissions Unavailable

permission_colorThis article is for SI5.5 users who do not have access to the new SI5.5 permissions in the SI5.5 Administration Console.

SI 5.5 adds the following new permissions for you to assign to your Groups:

  • Allow Quicklinks
  • Add/Edit Service Orders
  • Add/Edit Tasks
  • Assign Resources
  • Manage Schedule

You will recognize this issue if you find that you cannot create use some of the new functions in SI5.5 like creating Tasks, or if you cannot assign Resources .  Generally, you would just need to open the SI5.5 Administration Console and make sure that your Group is assigned the appropriate permissions.  If the permissions do not display within the interface, then apply this quick fix below:

1.       Open the SI5.5 Administration Console and create a Group named “Administrators”, spelled exactly, no quotes

2.       Add at least one user and one permission to the Group.

3.       Navigate to and run C:Program FilesD-ToolsSI 5ServerServerConfigurationWizard.exe

You will now have the new SI5.5 permissions available to you.



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