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Backup Server

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Backing up your SI5.2 server

backup_serverThis document discusses how to back up your SI5.2 server files, to provide a restore point or in preparation for updating to SI5.5. The contents of this document have been derived entirely from Jose’s more complete article, Moving SI 5 Server Components to Another Machine.

Backing up your server files prior to updating will allow D-Tools technical support to assist you in quickly restoring your SI5.2 environment, should anything go wrong with the update process.

Please Note: the paths given in this document are the default paths installed by SI5. The actual paths on your machine may vary.

Make copies of the following files/folders. We recommend creating three separate folders called “Projects”, “Products” and “Databases” and storing these files/folders in a safe location.

1. Projects:


  • Project folders only – DO NOT Copy ClientConfiguration.xml or DToolsCache.xml

2. Products:


3. Databases:

  • C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server*MSSQL.1MSSQLDataDToolsProducts50.mdf
  • C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server*MSSQL.1MSSQLDataDToolsProducts50_log.LDF
  • C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server*MSSQL.1MSSQLDataDToolsProjects50.mdf
  • C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server*MSSQL.1MSSQLDataDToolsProjects50_log.LDF
  • C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server*MSSQL.1MSSQLDataDToolsUsers50.mdf
  • C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server*MSSQL.1MSSQLDataDToolsUsers50_log.LDF

*MSSQL.1 – the number may vary depending on how many instances of SQL you have installed on your machine.



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