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Outlook Not Installed

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 has not been installed

Issue: When you attempt to import a client from Outlook you get the following message:  Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 has not been installed


Cause: Most likely, your Outlook 2007 install does not have .NET Programmability Support installed.


1.       Open Add or Remove Programs and select Microsoft Office 2007

2.       Click the [Change] button

3.       Select Add or Remove Features and click [Continue]

4.       Expand the Microsoft Office Outlook entry

5.       You should see a red X next to “.NET Programmability Support”

6.       Click the dropdown and select “Run from My Computer” and proceed the rest of wizard


Alternate Cause: If you are using Vista and installed Office 2007 with the UAC turned off, you must have the UAC turned off in order for this to work.  That is not always a viable option as some programs, like QuickBooks, require that the UAC be turned on.

Alternate Fix: Uninstall Microsoft Office 2007 and reinstall with the UAC turned on.

-Seth Enos




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