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Automatic Updates

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Automatic Updates for SI5

When a new “dot” release or Service Pack is available for SI5, you will likely first be notified when launching the SI5 Client. The prompt will look similar to the image below:



Updating your SI5 Client prior to updating your SI5 Server is highly not recommended and will result in you not being able to login to the SI5 Client until you update your SI5 Server. Many of our clients do not have direct access to the machine running their SI5 Server and must contact their IT person for access, and if that person is not available…you see where I’m going with this?
If you have not already run the update on your SI5 Server, click the [Cancel] button .
  1. On the machine running your SI5 Server, open the Administration Console and run a backup of your SI5 data, instructions here. Prior to backing up, you will be prompted to check-in all projects to the server and verify that all users are logged out, make sure you do this.
  1. Once the backup is complete, click Start->All Programs->D-Tools->Check for Server Updates*
*Depending on previous installs, the command on your SI5 Server may be “Check for Updates” vs. “Check for Server Updates”


  1. A window similar to the one below will open:



  1. Click [Next >] and the server installation will download:


server download.jpg

  1. Once done, click the [Finish] button and the SI5 Server Installation Wizard will open:




  1. Click [Next >] and follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the installation of the update. When finished, the Run As dialog will open, just click [OK], do not make any changes on this form:




  1. Next the SI5 Server Configuration Wizard (SCW) will open. Click [Next >] to complete the configuration:



  1. Click [Finish] when the wizard completes.
  2. Now, on all your SI5 Client machines, click Start->All Programs->D-Tools->Check for Updates to download and install the SI5 Client update:




  1. Click [Next >] and the client installation will download, click the [Finish] button and the SI5 Client Installation Wizard will open. Follow the prompts on the forms to complete the client update:




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