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Roll Back Desktop Update

Rolling Back the SI5.5 Desktop Update

remove_desktopThis posting describes how to undo the SI5.5 desktop update and roll back to the previous version of SI5 originally installed from disc. This is useful if you mistakenly update your desktop, but your system administrator has decided to wait with updating your SI5 server.

Please note that this process requires you to have your SI5 installation CD available.

The steps to proceed are fairly simple, and are as follows:

1. Repair the SI5.5 installation

Note: Skipping this step will cause the uninstall (step 2) to fail with an error message.

1a) Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > D-Tools System Integrator 5.5 and click Change


1b) Click “Next”, then “Repair” to repair the install



2. Uninstall the SI5.5 desktop

Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > D-Tools System Integrator 5.5 and click Remove


This will remove the SI5.5 desktop software from your computer.

3. Delete files in your Program FilesD-ToolsSI5 folder

Go to your D-Tools program folder (C:Program FilesD-ToolsSI5 by default) and delete the files there. The most important file to delete is DTools.SystemIntegrator.Navigator.exe.config

Do not delete the InstallWiz or Server folders (if present). These are needed for other programs.







4. Delete your local project .sdf file

Delete C:Documents and Settings{your username}Application DataD-ToolsSI 5LocalFileManager.sdf

This won’t have any affect now, but will help later when you decide to upgrade to 5.5 again.


5. Re-install SI5 desktop from Install Wizard

Please note: you will need your SI5 installation CD available to perform this step.

Go to Start > D-Tools > Install Wizard and click on Desktop > Install. This will cause your desktop software to reinstall from disc.


At this point, you should be able to use SI5 with your existing server. Should you experience any difficulties, please contact D-Tools support at support@d-tools.com or 866-386-6571 x2.







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