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Update to SI5.5

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SI5.5 Update Instructions

Pro/LANSync Users: Do not update desktop before contacting your local system administrator. You must FIRST update your server in order to use SI5.5.

(For help if you need to undo the SI5.5 desktop update)

Due to significant improvements to licensing and file management functionality, SI5.5 requires that both server and desktops be updated in order to operate. Users updating desktops without updating server first will not be able to use SI5 until the server is updated.

Additionally, due to an update to the server database, it is strongly advised to check in all projects and log off all users prior to updating the server. For this reason we recommend the following steps when upgrading to SI5.5 in a LANSync envronment:

Steps to Update (Pro/LANSync)

  1. All users check in projects and log off
  2. Back up server
  3. Update server
  4. Update all desktops

Stand-Alone Users:

Please be aware of the following known issue regarding archive and restore functionality, which applies to stand-alone users only.

Update desktop as desired (Start > D-Tools > Check for Updates)

**The upgrade install process has been tested thoroughly and while we do not anticipate any issues, if you experience any difficulties with your install and you are enrolled in Gold Support please contact support to schedule an appointment for assistance.**

Benefits of Updating to 5.5:

  • New client and contact functionality*
  • New scheduling and service order functionality*
  • New Outlook 2007 integration*
  • Improved licensing and registration
  • Server backup and restore utility*
  • Improved performance in VPN and remote desktop environments
  • Improved look and feel of Navigator interface
  • Customize Order & Scheduling reports*
  • AutoCAD 2009 and Quickbooks 2009 compatibility
  • 20 additional user-suggested enhancements
  • 35 bug fixes

* Pro users only



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