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Trial Error

SI5 Trial Error right after installation – Unable to Locate LANSync

si5_thumbThis error message applies to new SI5 Trial users. Shortly after finishing the setup and installation, when you go launch SI5 Trial for the first time, you receive an error which does not allow you to proceed or access the trial.




Error Message

Unable to locate the LANSync Server

How do I fix it?

Simply navigate to (Windows XP users) C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataD-ToolsSI5Lic folder, Vista users go to C:ProgramDataD-ToolsSI5Lic. In this folder you will find two files, locate and delete the si5.lic as depicted in the image below


After deleting the si5.lic file, restart your SI5 Trial. The error should not appear, and you should now be able to use Si5 Trial.


Application Data is normally a hidden folder. To show hidden folders simply click on Tools > Folder Options > View > now make sure that Show Hidden files and Folders is selected. Now save, and you should see all hidden folders.

If the problem persists, please contact support at d-tools.com.



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