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Assign Shapes to Categories



This feature allows you assign specific Shapes to Categories/Subcategories. This is primarily used for Elevation and Plan shapes. This is similar to the Assign Categories to Shapes feature but this allows you to customize the shape that drops for a specific Category/Subcategory.

What are the benefits of this feature?


Once assigned, you always know what shape you drop on a page.

When to use this feature?


When you want to assign a specific Shape to a Category/Subcategory.




To access this feature, within the Visio interface click on a page tab, e.g. Elevation View:




In the D-Tools SIX 2013 window within Visio, click the View dropdown and choose to display by Category:




To get even more granular, click the View dropdown and select "Display Subcategory":




This will display the Product Tree by Category then by Subcategory then by Manufacturer then by Model if you expand all nodes. In this example I selected the "BLURAY" subcategory from the "Video Sources" Category:




Right-click on the Subcategory and select




This will open the Assign Shape to Category form:




Select the shape you want, in this case I chose the "Disc Player" Shape. If you wish to customize the Shape, leave the "Display shape data on assignment" option checked and click [OK].

Display Shape Data on Assignment


This form will allow you to make many customizations to the Shape you have chosen for the Category/Subcategory. For details of these settings, click here.



Assign Shapes to Products


You can also assign specific Shapes to individual Products. This is particularly useful if you want the faceplate to be silver vs. black for a specific Product, for example. The steps are the same as above, except instead of selecting a Category/Subcategory in the Product Tree, you would select a specific Product:





If you want a "clean slate" to work from, you can choose to unassign all existing specific Product assignments. Be warned, this action can not be undone for any user assignments.


In the D-Tools SIX 2013 window within Visio, click the Manage Shapes button and select Manage Assignments->Unassign Products:


unassign shapes.jpg


This will open the Delete Product Shape Assignments form.




Check Page Type for which you want to delete the assignments and click [Yes]. This will display the following warning:



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