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Editing Items in a Project



There are multiple ways to edit Items within a Project.



Whether or not the Items that you edit get updated to your Catalog are based on your Project Settings:




If you leave "Never" as your default, you can always update Items at any time via the Update to Catalog feature.

Edit Button


Double-click any Item in the Grid or select and click the Edit Button:




Make any changes you want and click [Save and Close]:



Mass Update


The Mass Update feature is the quickest way to update multiple Items at a time. Click here for details.



Price Rules


Price Rules are a quick way to apply pricing changes based on rules that you have created. Click here for details.





You can add Accessories to Items directly within a Project. Click here for details.



Order Status


You can change the Order Status fields for multiple Products at a time via this function:




Click here for details on Order Status.

Assign Locations/Systems


You can assign/re-assign Locations and Systems via the Assign button. Click here for details.



Update Case


The Update Case feature will allow you to mass update the case settings from your Catalog for the following fields: Manufacturer, Category, and Subcategory




On the Update Case form, choose the fields you want to review and click [Save].


update case form.jpg

Edit in Grid


There is limited editing directly in the Item Grid. You can edit the following fields for a single item at a time by clicking in the field and editing: Unit Cost, Unit Price, Margin, Markup, Labor Hours, Serial Number, IP Address, Taxable, Owner Furnished Equipment, Fixed Labor, Variable Labor, Use Phase Labor, Fixed Labor Cost, Fixed Labor Price, Fixed Labor Margin, Fixed Labor Markup, Custom Fields 1-8, and Wire Length.

Update Similar


If you use edit a single Item in the grid, you can than select multiple of the same or similar Items in the grid and update them to match the Item that you edited. See here for details.



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