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Create a Revision





  1. In the Project Explorer, select the Project you want to create a Revision of and click the Revisions tab in the bottom section of the interface then click the [Create Revision] button:


create revision button.jpg

You can also create a Revision via the right-click menu, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R.


create revision right click.jpg


  1. The Create Revision function will make a copy of the "current" Revision and allow you to make notes on why the Revision is being created:


create revision.jpg


  1. The "current' Revision number is now one greater than the previous, in this example the "current" Revision is Revision 1:


revision 1.jpg


The Revision that displays in the top section of the Project Explorer is always the highest number Revision for a Project and it is the only one that is editable. Other Revisions can be viewed and opened in a read-only state via the Revisions tab in the bottom section of the Project Explorer interface:


revisions list.jpg

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