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Multiple Language Reports



There are different ways to support D-Tools for concurrent languages. The most common solution is to use the long and short description on the products/labor for each language, then before running the report, apply the foreign currency feature, as explained here. This method combined with a translated proposal report is simple to implement and satisfy most user cases.


This would provide a product (or labor) with two descriptions, one for each language, and depending on the language that you want to show on the report, you select to use "Long Description" or "Short Description" under the Report Settings. If the rate is different (will always be), you apply the foreign currency and the exchange rate of the day. The combination of this feature provides you with products with their correct description (on the correct language) and currency value and symbol.


Another option is to create a custom report, and utilize a custom field for the translated description. This option gives you the ability to use three different custom fields (long text custom fields) for the translated text, so you could setup a support for four languages (original language plus three).




Please see the following blog article for complete details.



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