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Manage Shape Assignments



The Manage Shape Assignments feature allows you to pick Shapes and Page Types and assign them to Categories/Subcategories as well as giving you visual feedback as to what Shapes are assigned to which Category/Subcategory.


This is a good interface to assign or re-assign Shapes to multiple Categories/Subcategories. This is the opposite of the Manage Category Assignments feature.

What are the benefits of this feature?


This is a time saver that allows you assign Shapes to Categories/Subcategories quickly.

When to use this feature?


When you want to easily manage your Shape assignments to Categories/Subcategories.



In the D-Tools SIX 2013 window within Visio, click the Manage Shapes button and select Manage Assignments->Shapes:




This will open the Manage Shape Assignments form:


manage shape assignments form.jpg


When you select a Shape from a Stencil in the Shapes section for the form, the associated Categories/Subcategories will display in the Assigned Categories section of the form. In this example I selected the "Media Server" shape from the "Elevation Shapes" Stencil:


view existing assignments.jpg


You can also choose to assign shapes to Categories/Subcategories. In this example I want to assign the "DVR" Shape from the "Elevation Shapes" Stencil to a Category/Subcategory. So I select the shape and then click the [Assign] button:




This will open up the Assign Categories to Shapes form. Here I selected the Video Sources/DVR Category/Subcategory:




Click the [Assign] button on the form and you will be brought back to the Manage Shape Assignments form where you will see that the Category/Subcategory has been assigned to the Shape:




Click [Save and Close] or [Save] if you want to continue managing your assignments:



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