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Creating a Task





  1. In the Project Scheduling Editor, click New->Task at Bottom:




You can use the "Task at Selected" option later depending on what you have selected in the grid.


  1. Double-click on the gray square next to the task or select and click the Edit button to open the Task for edit:




  1. Fill in any information you want on the General tab:


general tab.jpg


You can change the time now or you can wait until you view the Analysis, see below.


  1. Click the Resources tab and click the [Assign] button to assign resources (installers) to the Task:




assigned resources.jpg


Each Resource gets assigned 1 hour by default. You can change this now or wait until you view the Analysis, see below.


  1. Click the Items tab and use the Add buttons to add Products, Labor Items, or Packages to the Task:






  1. Click the Analysis tab and review the Project Installation Hours (pulls from Products and Labor Items) vs. the Estimated Resource Hours:




  1. Go back to the Resources tab and make adjustments as you see fit:




  1. Go back to the General tab and change the Start Time and End Time fields to account for the hours you've assigned your Resources:




  1. Save and Close the Task or you can run Reports via the [Reports] button:




See Scheduling Reports.


You can also choose to email Reports via Outlook using the Send To button directly to your installers:




A form will open for you to select the reports you want attached as .pdf files to the email:



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