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Gantt Chart



In the Project Scheduling Editor, a Gantt chart is automatically created for you as you create Tasks and Work Orders:


gantt chart.jpg


The Gantt Chart tab allows you to change Scale, Scale Type, or to Jump To a particular date on your chart:




Tasks display as purple bars and Work Orders display as black bars with arrows encompassing all Tasks assigned to the Work Order:


tasks and wos.jpg


When a Task is marked as any percent complete, a black line will display in the purple bar:




You can make Work Orders or Tasks "predecessors" of other Work Orders or Tasks, e.g. make a future Task dependent on a previous Task. To do this click on the "bar" of the "previous" Work Order/Task and drag the line over to the "future" Work Order/Task.


The "Predecessors" column will display the Index of the predecessor Work Order/Task:






To delete a connection, delete the number from the "Predecessors" column.

Printing Gantt Chart


To print the Gantt Chart for a project, from the Project Scheduling Editor click the [Print] button on the ribbon:



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