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Managing Projects



Managing your SIX Project files consists of many different features/functions.

Check In/Out


check in out.jpg


The Check In/Check Out feature for Project in SIX is certainly the most critical one to understand when it comes to managing your SIX Projects. See here for details.

Add Additional Files




Additional files are linked Visio and AutoCAD drawings created within SIX. They can also be any other files you wish to add to the Project Folder, like .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, etc. The Rename function will allow you to rename any of these additional files.

Get Latest Version




This feature will copy down the most current Project files from your SIX Server. This option is only active if someone else has updated the Project since the last time you checked the Project out to your machine. Checking out a project will automatically copy the latest version of files to your machine.

Archive/Unarchive Project




This feature allow you to Archive or Unarchive your SIX Projects. Archiving will remove the Project from the "Active" view. Unarchiving will restore a Project to the "Active" view.





This feature will export a list of all Projects displaying in the Project Explorer.


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