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RealPic shapes are very similar to generic D-Tools elevation shapes; however they are specific to individual models because they display an actual front-view image of the product.


realpic generic comparison.png



RealPic shapes have the following features, which make them more useful than just a simple image:

  • Scale to the exact dimensions found in your D-Tools database
  • Quickly add or remove text labels, including Manufacturer/Model and Component ID from your D-Tools database
  • Quickly add or remove rack ears
  • Quickly add or remove feet
  • Intelligent connection points, which help the shapes snap and glue into equipment racks

How to get Realpic shapes


RealPic shapes are distributed in special stencils that must be downloaded separately. There is one stencil for each manufacturer - for example, Crestron, AMX, or Control4. However, before these shapes can be used in drawings, users must download the product data for the specific models that have realpic shapes.

Step 1: Download or Import the data


RealPic shapes are only available for certain products that have high-quality front-view images available, and that are of interest on elevation drawings. Generally, this includes equipment that is mounted in an equipment rack, such as amplifiers, mixers and control systems, or things like speakers and touchpanels.


To get the data for those products that currently have RealPic shapes available, follow these steps*:


  1. Look in attachments below, and store the csv file for the manufacturer you are interested in to your local hard drive. This file contains the most important product data for models with RealPic shapes
    1. For example, store Crestron RealPic Data.csv if you are interested in Crestron RealPic shapes
  2. Using the SI import file import tool, import this csv file into System Integrator. Be sure to import the dimensions.


*If you have already downloaded the product data for these products, you can skip this step

Step 2: Download the RealPic stencil


Once you have the product data, you are ready to download the stencil. To do this:


  1. Open any SIX Visio project drawing
  2. Go to the D-Tools Shapes window in Visio. If this is not already open, go to Add-Ins > D-Tools > View Shapes

view shapes.jpg


  1. Click on the Download Stencils from D-Tools Server icon download icon.jpg and select Manufacturer from the drop-down

realpic stencil download.jpg


  1. Find the manufacturer name in the list. A good way to find RealPic stencils is to sort by Updated On. RealPic stencils will have a published date of 10/3/2012 or later.

download stencils ui.jpg


  1. Check the appropriate checkbox(es) under Select, and click Download to get the stencil

Using Realpic Shapes


Once you have downloaded both the data and the stencil, you are ready to use the shapes.

Step 1: Add to drawing


To add a Realpic shape to a drawing, you have two options. This will depend on whether the product is already in your project, or if you want to add it to the project

Option 1: Drop from project


If you have already the product in your project, simply drag the product from the Project Editor on to an Elevation View drawing in Visio. SIX will automatically recognize that the Realpic shape exists, and drop the shape on the drawing page.

Option 2: Drop from stencil


If you wish to add the product to your project:


  1. Go to your D-Tools SIX Shapes window in Visio
  2. Expand the Manufacturer section. Realpic stencils will either be found here, or under Custom
  3. Expand the particular manufacturer you are looking for
  4. Find the particular model number you are looking for
  5. Drag the shape for the model you are looking for on to an Elevation View drawing in Visio. The Add Product dialog will open



  1. The correct model number should already be selected*. Hit Add and Close to add this model to your project
  2. The product will be added to your project, and the Realpic shape will be added to your drawing


*If you do not see the correct model number in the Add Product dialog, this means that you do not have the product data in your database yet. See step 1 above to get the data.

Step 2: Customize the shape


Once the shape is in the drawing, you can customize it's appearance in one of two ways: either through the right-click menu, or through the shape properties

Right-click options


Right click on the shape to add text labels, or show/hide feet and rack ears:



Shape properties


Right-click and go to Data > Shape Data... to open the shape data. From here you can make changes to the following:





Realpic shapes are only available for certain models and certain manufacturers, since they require that a good quality, front-perspective image is available for the product in question. Additionally, only certain types of products are interesting to display on an elevation page. For example, wires and wall plates are not useful, whereas amplifiers, receivers, and control systems are.


For this reason, Realpics are currently available for 10-25 models for select MVP partners only. At the moment, Realpics are available for the following partners:


  • AMX
  • Artcoustic Loudspeakers
  • Control4
  • Crestron
  • Denon
  • Speakercraft


New stencils are added every month, so keep an eye on Data News in the download browser, or check Download Stencils from D-Tools Server to see which new stencils have been added. Whenever a new stencil has been added, you can get the list of models by downloading the corresponding CSV file attached below.

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