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Project Editor



This explains the Project Editor interface in SIX.



The Project Editor interface is where you will be making edits to a Project, primarily building your Bill of Materials (BOM) - don't abbreviate when on a plane - by adding Products/Labor Items/Packages to the Project. You can also adjust your Settings on a per Project basis, edit Project Information, and create a Project Schedule.


To open Project Editor for a Project, in the Project Explorer either double-click the Project or select the Project and click the [Project Editor] button in the ribbon:




This will open the Project Editor for the selected Project:


project editor interface.jpg

Project Information


project information.jpg


Project Information contains general information about the Project, some of which was entered when creating a new Project.

To edit other settings like Locations, Systems, and Contract Percentages, click the Settings tab in the Project Editor.

Scope of Work




To add/edit the Scope of Work for a Project, click the [Scope of Work] button in the Open section of the Ribbon, click here for details.

Adding Products/Labor Items/Packages




There are many ways to add Items to a SIX Project, click here for details.



settings tab.jpg


Here you can make changes to the Settings for the Project. Click here for details on all Settings.





The Project Schedule allows you to create Tasks/Work Orders for your installers. Click here for details.

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