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Import/Export Products



You can export, edit, then import a CSV file from within a Project. You cannot add any new Items to the Project via the CSV import, it is strictly an update.

What are the benefits of these features?


Exporting Project Items to a CSV file can be useful for importing into third-party software. You may also feel more comfortable editing Items from a Project in a CSV file, then importing the CSV file back into the Project to update the Items.



Within the Project Editor, click the Tools tab and you will see the Export/Import options in the ribbon:


export import options.jpg



When exporting you will choose to export just whatever Items you have selected, or you can export all Items:


export button on ribbon.jpg


This will open the Export Items to CSV File interface:


export options.jpg


Here you can choose what field you wish to export. If you choose to include calculated fields in your export, just know that these fields cannot be re-imported, e.g. Installation Price.

Update from CSV (Import CSV)


To re-import the CSV file into the Project, Click the [Update from CSV] button on the ribbon:


update from csv button on ribbon.jpg


You will be prompted to browse for your CSV file. Once selected, the following interface opens:


update from csv form.jpg


This form will show Matched and Unmatched Items. Now, to be clear here, there should be no Unmatched Items since the point of this function is to re-import a CSV file that you exported from the Project, but this is here in case you modify a Model number or try to add Items in the CSV. Only Matched Items will be imported.


You have the choice of updating just selected or Items or all Items:


update button options.jpg


Once you choose to update, you will be prompted for what fields you wish to update:


update from csv options.jpg


Once updated, you will get a confirmation message:


update from csv confirmation.jpg

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