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Miscellaneous Items





Misc. Items are Items that do not exist in your SIX Catalog. You create them on a per Project basis if you want to add untaxed Items to a Project. These are generally used for shipping charges or travel time.

These display on Proposal reports after the Project Subtotal section, and also appear as one line item in the Project Summary of a Proposal. No tax is applied to Misc. Items.



  1. In the Project Editor, click New->New Misc. Items:




  1. The Miscellaneous Items form will open. Enter at least a Name and a Value. If you wish to use quantities you can also enter a Unit of Measure.




  1. Click Save and Close.


Editing/Deleting Misc. Items


Change your View to display the Misc. Items:


view misc items.jpg


Select the Misc. Item and use the commands on the ribbon to Edit/Delete, or right-click to get options:


delete misc items.jpg

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