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Alternate Products



Alternate Products can be added to Products within a Project. Alternate Products are only displayed on Proposal reports and their pricing is not calculated into any totals on the report. A Product can have multiple Alternate Products.

What are the benefits of this feature?


Alternate Products are one way to provide options within a Project, not to be confused with Optional Items.

When to use this feature?


When you wan to give your clients a choice between Products.


Project Explorer


Alternate Products are not stored in the Catalog, they are project specific. Once added to a Project, a Product will have an Alternates tab:


alternates tab.jpg


Here you can Add/Edit/Delete Alternate Products.


function buttons.jpg


You can also add Alternate Products to multiple Products at a time via the [Alternates] button on the Tools tab:


alterntes button on the ribbon.jpg


In the Project Editor, Alternates display beneath the "selected" Product:


alternate example in project grid.jpg


The default color of an Alternate row is shown above but you can change this via an Application Setting.


Under the Layouts tab you can choose whether or not to display Alternates Products in your Project Grid:


hide alternates on layout tab.jpg

Promoting an Alternate Product


If a choice is made to use an Alternate Product over the "selected" Product, you can promote the Alternate to be the "selected" Product via the [Promote] button on the Tools tab:


promote button on ribbon.jpg


You can also access this via a right-click on the Alternate Product:


promote alternates right click.jpg


When you promote an Alternate Product, you are prompted with options:


promte alternates prompt options.jpg


Maintain Installation Price

This option will allow you to not affect the price of the Project by maintaining the installation price of the Product being demoted


Keep Accessories

This option allows you to maintain the accessories of the Product being demoted and associate them as accessories to the Product being promoted


Discard other alternates

This option will remove the demoted Product as well as any other Alternate Products

Discarding Alternates


If at any time you want to remove Alternates from a Project, you can remove just the selected or all Alternates via the Tools tab:


discard alternates on tools tab.jpg


Note: Discarding Alternates does not count towards Change Order report run against Revisions.



The only reports that "recognize" Alternate Products are the Proposal reports in SIX. Alternates display beneath the "selected" Product with the title "Alternates". If price that displays is the difference in price between the Alternate and the "selected" Product. If the difference in price is positive, the word "Add" displays by the price difference. If the difference in price is negative,  the word "Subtract" displays by the price difference.


alternates example on report.jpg

alternates example on report 2.jpg


You can change the wording and color for Alternate Products via Report Settings:


report settings alternates.jpg


On the Reports tab you can choose not to display Alternates on your Proposals:


include alternates report setting.jpg


You can also choose not to include Alternates on a Proposal via a Parameter within the Report Definition:


report definition parameter.jpg

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