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Shape Display Settings



In SIX 2013 we added a simple interface so the user could get relevant project and product information just by hovering the cursor over any D-Tools SIX shape in Visio. This is very helpful with Location and System information.


In order to use this feature you need to choose what specific information you want to show up during the mouseover. To access the Shape Display Settings, click Add-Ins->D-Tools->Shapes-> Display Settings in the Visio ribbon:




Or you can access this via the D-Tools SIX 2013 window by clicking Manage Shapes->Display Settings:




This will bring up the Shape Display Settings form. Select the text on the left side of the UI and use the arrows to move over to the right side.  Use the vertical arrows to re-arrange the order as needed. The fields you select will show up on the shape during a mouseover.


6-12-2013 12-17-14 PM.jpg


If a field is blank it will not show up on the shape. The shape settings are specific to current Windows user, this means that each user can have their own settings.

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