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Assign Locations and Systems





Accessories to Items will automatically be assigned to the same Location/System as the "parent" Item. Accessories can not be in a different Location/System than the "parent" Item.


Items in Packages can be assigned to different Locations/Systems when you have the following option selected for the Package:





There are multiple ways to assign Locations and Systems to Items in a Project.

Editing a Single Item


  1. Double-click the Item or use the [Edit] button on the Ribbon.
  2. Click the Locations and Systems tab, make your assignments then click [Save and Close]:



Assign Button


  1. Select the Items that you want to assign to a Location/System and click the Assign button and choose to assign both "Location and System" or just "Location" or "System":




  1. Choose your Location and/or System and click [Assign]:



Drop Zone


  1. In the Drop Zone, select the Location and System you want to assign the Item(s) to.




  1. Select the Items that you want to assign to that Location/System and drag them over to the Assign section of the Drop Zone:



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