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Purchase Orders

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Purchase Orders

QuickLinks can also create Purchase Orders to export to QuickBooks.

To create a Purchase Order, select “Purchase Order” from the View dropdown on the D-Tools QuickLinks form:


Click [New].  The QuickLinks Purchase Order form will open:


note_50Notice that you are not prompted for a Sales Order when creating a Purchase Order.  You will be prompted to choose a Sales Order when you begin adding Products to the Purchase Order.

The Shipping Address populates with the address information you have setup in QuickBooks.  The Vendor Name, Class, and Customer:Job fields all have dropdowns that populate based on lists that you have setup for these fields in QuickBooks.  The FOB and Memo fields will transfer the contents that you enter to the corresponding field in QuickBooks.

If the vendor you need does not exist, click [New Vendor].  The Vendor form will open:


Fill in the fields and click [OK].  The Vendor will be created in QuickBooks.

To add Products to the Purchase Order, click [Add].  The Select Products form will open:


Use the Sales Order dropdown menu to select the Sales Order that you want to use.

lightbulb_50You can create a Purchase Order for a Vendor that spans multiple Projects. Simply choose the Sales Order from the dropdown that contains Products that you want order from a particular vendor, add the Products, then choose another Sales Order...

The [Check QuickBooks Inventory] button will check the inventory in QuickBooks for a selected Product and report how many you have on-hand and how many are on-order. Use the Manufacturer, Phase, and Category filters if desired.  Check the Products that you want to add to the Purchase Order or use the [Select All] button.  Once you have made your selections, click [Add].  The Products that you selected will display on the QuickLinks Purchase Order form:


If all Products have been assigned Item numbers in QuickBooks, click [Save].  If there are any that have not been assigned, follow the procedure in the Setup and Maintenance section of this chapter that applies to you.

note_50You cannot save a Purchase Order where all of the Products have not been assigned to an Item in QuickBooks. If you attempt, you will be notified.

When you click [Save], you will be asked whether you want to export at this time. 

You can also [Edit] and [Delete] Purchase Orders from the main QuickLinks form.  If you have already exported the Purchase Order to QuickBooks, you will be notified that any changed made here will not be reflected in QuickBooks:





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