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QuickLinks can create an Invoice to export to QuickBooks.  This function is convenient if you want to create an Invoice for an entire Project as opposed to an Invoice for a percentage of the entire Project.  This is because Invoices in QuickLinks are created by adding Products to the form as whole quantities only.

lightbulb_50If you want to create an Invoice for a percentage of a Project, create an Estimate in QuickLinks and export it to QuickBooks.  In QuickBooks you can convert an Estimate to an Invoice based on a percentage of the Estimate.

To create an Invoice, select “Invoice” from the View dropdown on the D-Tools QuickLinks form:


Click [New].  The Select Sales Order form opens.  Select the Sales Order you want to use and click [OK].


The QuickLinks Invoice form will open:


This form is almost identical to the QuickLinks Estimate form except for the added Class and Terms field.  This dropdown populates with Terms as they are setup in your QuickBooks company file.  The procedure for creating an Invoice is identical to that of creating an Estimate.  Please see Estimates for specifics on adding Products to the Invoice…replace the word “Estimate” with “Invoice” in your head while reading.



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