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Crash Copying a Project

*****Update - Corrected in SP3*****

See here for instructions on updating to SP3.

Crash Error when Copying a Project

Issue: The following crash error is thrown when you attempt to rename the folder when copying a project.

Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\*username\Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects\[Client Name Folder]\New folder'.Error: DirectoryNotFoundException (DTools.SystemIntegrator.Navigator.NavigatorShell.getNewProjectFolder) (DTools.SystemIntegrator.Navigator.NavigatorShell.OnCopyProject) (DTools.SystemIntegrator.Navigator.CommandManagement.Command.Execute)

*username = Windows username


Cause: This only occurs on Vista or Windows 7 machines and the method to trigger the error is very specific.  The STR is below:


1. Select a project and choose the "Copy this project" function
2. Create a New Folder
3. Right-click the folder and choose to rename it.  Make sure you leave the name field for the folder active (leave cursor blinking in the field)
4. Click OK on the copy project form.

5. Crash error occurs.


Work Around: Until we can address this in a future release, the key to avoiding this error is to not leave the folder name field active, or in "edit mode" when you click the OK button.  If you take focus away from the folder you renamed so that the name is not in "edit mode", you will not get the crash error and the project will copy as expected.

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