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SI5.5: Revisions do not always promote correctly

revision_bug_1In SI5.5, the Promote Revision feature will occasionally malfunction, causing the selected revision to not be promoted, and promoting another revision instead. This can lead to the user thinking that a revision has been promoted when in fact it has not.

Expected behavior: User selects the revision to be promoted in the revision list and clicks the Promote Revision button. After saving the current project as a new revision, the selected revision is promoted and becomes the current project.

Actual behavior: After clicking Promote Revision, a different revision is promoted and becomes the current project. Note that this behavior is very sporadic and does not happen all of the time. Very often the revision will be promoted with success. Other times it will not.

How to detect failure or success:
a) After completing the promote revision process, look at which revision is selected in the revision grid. The revision that is selected when the process is completed is the one which got promoted. Thus, if you attempt to promote revision 1, and revision 1 is still selected in the grid when you’re done, then the process was successful. If any other revision is selected, it failed.
b) <more detailed option> You can use the Revision Manager to compare the old revision to the current project. If all went well, there should be no differences.
c) <even more detailed option> If you double-click on a revision in the grid, you can open the revision read-only and check the items in the project and the total project price. You can then compare this to the current project.

Short-term solutions: There are no good short-term workarounds for this issue*. The best thing to do is to keep trying to promote the revision, since eventually it will succeed. The downside of this is that the revision numbers will continue to increment.

Long-term solutions: This is considered a critical bug and will be fixed in our next service pack, which will be made available as soon as possible.

*Comments welcome: If anyone finds a way to consistently cause the correct revision to promote, please leave a comment so we can communicate this to everyone.



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