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QuickBooks Canada 2009-2010 Known Issues

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Known Issues

As of SP2, SI5.5 now supports QuickBooks Canada 2009 and 2010 (Enterprise version as well) for use with our QuickLinks module. However, there are two known issues with using these versions of QuickBooks. Unfortunately the issue is with the Intuit SDK so we must wait for Intuit to fix the bugs.

Issue One

Purchase Tax Code does not transfer to QuickBooks. If a Product is assigned a Purchase Tax Code in SI5.5 and you create a QuickBooks Item through our QuickLinks interface, the Item that gets created in QuickBooks will have the Purchase Tax Code set to “Non-taxable” in QuickBooks. The workaround for this is to manually set the Purchase Tax Code in QuickBooks once the Item transfers.

Issue Two

Negatively priced items or “discount items” causes the Cost of the other Items in the Estimate/Invoice/PO to be wrong. Only workaround for this is to not transfer negatively priced items to QuickBooks and instead manually enter them once the export to QuickBooks completes.
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