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Revision Management Compare Issue

Revision Management Compare Issue


Running a second comparison between two revisions under Revision Management does not display the proper differences from the comparison.


I run a comparison between Rev 0 and Rev 1 of a project and view the Equipment and Labor changes as shown below:

first compare.jpg

I then run a compare between Rev 1 and Rev 3 and view the Equipment and Labor changes. As shown below, the same results from my first compare show rather than the actual results from the Rev 1 to Rev 3 compare:


second compare.jpg


This bug was introduced in SP3 but there is a simple work around for it until we can correct this. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Work Around:

You can correct this behavior by doing one of three things.
  1. Click another tab in the SI5 Navigator then click back on the Orders and Accounting tab.



  1. In the “Change Selected Project” section, select another project, then re-select the original project.




  1. Check the project in, then check the project out.




Note: you will have to do one of the above actions each time before running consecutive comparisons for a project.
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