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PDM Block Window

Project DataMatrix (PDM)/Block Tree/Product Explorer/Project Summary Window

This window has four tabs for you to select from.  The Project DataMatrix (PDM) view is where all of the Products that have been added to a Project are displayed.



The Block Tree tab will display all of the stock SI 5 Drawings and downloaded Manufacturer Drawings available.

Terminology: Drawings are "containers" for Blocks.  Blocks are what are actually displayed on the Drawing Sheets within AutoCAD.

There are three “sections” in the Block Tree: Standard, Manufacturer, and Custom. 


Use the PDM Refresh Groups button to refresh the list if you add any Drawings while working on an AutoCAD file.

The Standard category lists the stock SI 5 Drawings based on Category.  These Drawings contain Generic Blocks.  Most of the Generic Blocks have a one-to-many relationship with Products in the SI 5 database.


To view the Blocks by name, click the [+] next to the drawing name:


The Manufacturer section lists any D-Tools Manufacturer Drawings that you have downloaded.  These drawings contain specific Blocks created for the particular manufacturer.  Most of the Blocks in these drawings have a one-to-one relationship with Products in your SI 5 database.


The Custom section lists the SI 5 Drawings that you create as well as one that we created, Cabinet Tools.  Cabinet Tools is discussed in Drawing Sheet Types.


The Product Explorer tab is one way you can add products to a project.


The Project Summary tab displays a summarized view of the Project.


The Line Item Summary tab displays an aggregated view of the products in the PDM based on Category, Manufacturer, and Model.




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