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Create AutoCAD File

Creating an AutoCAD file for an SI 5 Project

Creating an AutoCAD file for an SI 5 Project takes place in the Projects tab of the SI 5 Navigator.  Select a Project in the Projects section of the form and then click the “Create new AutoCAD drawing for this project”:


You can also right-click a selected Project and choose Open in AutoCAD->New Drawing.



A third way you can create an AutoCAD file for a project is via the New button on the Selected Project Details tab:


The four types of drawing sheets are: Line, Elevation, Plan, and Schematic.  Each sheet type has unique properties, all of which are detailed later in this chapter. 

The following form opens:


When you select a template, the default name for the file will be something like “schematic1.vsd” if you select the Schematic.dwg template.  We recommend that you change this to something a little more specific to the Project.  When finished, click [OK]

Opening AutoCAD Files

To open an AutoCAD file for a selected SI 5 Project, right-click and choose Open in AutoCAD->Filename.dwg.  Your AutoCAD files display beneath the option to create a New Drawing:


You can also double-click the files form the Selected Project Details tab to launch them in AutoCAD:






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