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Drawing Sheet Types

The four types of drawing sheets are:

Each one of these Sheet Types have blocks that were created to work with them.  There are really four “kinds” of blocks that we created for SI 5: Generic Blocks, Specialized Generic Blocks, Manufacturer Specific Blocks, and Low Voltage Icon Blocks.

Generic Blocks

Generic blocks generally have the Sheet type right in the name, e.g. Elevation Plain, Plan Icon, etc.  Generic blocks are very simple blocks that can be used to represent any Product in the Project.  There are a total of six generic blocks with differing behaviors, designed specifically for use on different drawing sheet types (Line, Plan, Plan Scale, Elevation, Side, and Schematic)


Specialized Generic Blocks

Specialized generic blocks are designed to represent specific equipment types on specific drawing pages. Examples of these blocks are: Fixed Screen, Plasma, Projector (front and side view), and Rack.


note_50To modify the properties of these blocks, select the block on a sheet, right-click and select Properties.  The Properties form will open. The “Custom” section is where you can modify the block:


Manufacturer Specific Blocks

These are blocks that were created to look exactly like the Product.  Most of the Shapes in these blocks have a one-to-one relationship with Products in your SI 5 database.


Low Voltage Icon Blocks

Low voltage icon blocks are industry standard symbols used to represent items in the project, most commonly on plan view sheets (they can be used any sheet type you choose).  These blocks have the word “Icon” in front them:


Click for a listing of the low voltage icon blocks icons.



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