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Invalid LANsync shared folder

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Symptoms: When attempting to sync your data you receive an error stating you have pointed to an invalid lansync folder.
Possible Causes:  This is often caused by the permissions on the product share folder, being on a different domain/workgroup or subnet or the fact that you need to create a trust with the server.
Go to Start – Run and type \\yourservername\DToolsV5ProductShare (as it is displayed in the error itself)  and press enter.  You should now either see a window open where you see the Visualization folder or you should be prompted for server credentials and once those are entered you should be able to see the visualizations folder.  At that time you can close the window and go back and try to sync again.
On the server open C:\DToolsData and right-click on Properties.  Select the Share/Sharing tab and verify that the share name is exactly “DToolsV5ProductShare”.  Now verify the permissions for the folder under Sharing as “everyone” having full access or Co-Owner access to the folder.  Under the Security tab (if you have one) please add “everyone” again and make sure they have full access or Co-Owner access to that as well.
Verify that your client machine and server machine are both on the same domain/workgroup and both are on the same network subnet (ie. 192.168.1.aaa and 192.168.1.bbb).  Please note that Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 come defaulted to different workgroups and that Vista and Windows 7 Home versions cannot join a domain.


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