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Could not connect to D-Tools SQL

Error Synchronizing Data

Issue: When attempting to synchronize your data, you receive the following error:


Could not connect to D-Tools SQL Server database. Error is: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

Cause: The major reason this occurs is when the SI5 Client machine and the SI5 Server machine are not on the same domain or workgroup. Another reason this may occur is if either the "SQL Server (DTOOLSV5)" or the "SQL Server Browser" services on your SI5 Server have been stopped.

Fix 1: Note: If you are running Windows7/Vista, right-click the "System Integrator 5" icon and choose "Run as administrator":


Fix 2: Add your SI5 Client machine to the same domain or workgroup.

  1. Right-click on "Computer" and select Properties:



  1. In the "Computer name, domain and workgroup settings" section, click "Change Settings":



  1. Click the [Change...] button:



  1. Make the appropriate changes and click [OK]. You will be prompted to enter the credentials of an Administrator for your server.



  1. Restart your computer for changes to take effect.


Fix 3: Re-start one or both of the services on your SI5 Server machine.

  1. On your SI5 Server, click the Windows button and type "services.msc" (w/out the quotes) in the search box.
  2. When the window opens, scroll down and verify that both the "SQL Server (DTOOLSV5)" or the "SQL Server Browser" services are started.


  1. If either is not started, right-click and choose "Start":



SQL 2008 Users

The above fixes may not be sufficient if you are using SQL 2008.

Fix 4: If you are using SQL 2008, there is a change you must make to your SQL server configuration in order for syncing to work.

  1. Click the Windows (Start) button and select All Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 2008->Configuration Tools->SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. For your instance of SQL under "SQL Server Network Configuration" and for the Client Protocols under "SQL Native Client Configuration" you will need to change "Named Pipes" and "TCP/IP" to be Enabled. In the screen shot below, the SQL instance is named "DTOOLSV5" but yours will be whatever existing SQL instance you created.
  3. Stop and restart your SQL service.



If you still receive the error after making the changes above, you may need to make one more additional change.

  1. On your SI5 Server, open the following file in Notepad: C:\ProgramData\D-Tools\SI5\ClientConfiguration.xml

(if using XP the path is - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\D-Tools\SI5\ClientConfiguration.xml)

  1. Remove the backslash at the end of the "Database Server" node following the name of your server machine. In the screen shot below, the machine name is DT4136:


  1. Save the changes to the config file.
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