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Login Error

An error occurred while attempting to connect...


Issue: You attempt to login to SI5.5 and notice that your login information is no longer pre-populated in the form.  After filling in your credentials and clicking the [Login] button, you receive the following error:


An error occured while attempting to connect to your SI5 LanSync Server. Would you like to send an error report to D-Tools Technical Support?

Cause: Corruption has occurred in a local config file.

Solution: Rename the following folder on your machine to anything else, then attempt to login again:

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\*username\Local Settings\Application Data\D-Tools,_Inc\DTools.SystemIntegrator.N_Url_tp5xylv4e5gjljxz2ibs32nplwbzlkka

Win7/Vista - C:\Users\*username\AppData\Local\D-Tools,_Inc\DTools.SystemIntegrator.N_Url_tp5xylv4e5gjljxz2ibs32nplwbzlkka

If this does not correct the issue, please contact D-Tools Support.

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