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Invalid Character Error

Project Import Invalid Character Error

Issue: You attempt to import a project and you get hit with the following error message (the actual value and position will vary on the error)

‘[]‘, hexadecimal value 0×1F, is an invalid character. Line 2, position -185.


Cause: There is an illegal character somewhere in your project.  It is most likely in one of your description fields.  Often times descriptions are copied and pasted from other sources like web pages and some of the characters are not compatible with our project code.  Symbols like “Registered” ®, “Copyright” ©, or “Trademark” TM are possibly the cause.  And of course avoid any Wingdings fonts…stupid wingdings.

Solution: The characters must be removed.

1.       Download this utility – DTL Cleaner

2.       Unzip then double-click the file “DtlCleaner.exe”.  The following form will open:



3.       Click the [...] button to browse to the file and then click the [Run Cleaner] button.  You will see a message on the form that says “Cleaning complete.”:


4.       The project can now be imported.

-Seth Enos



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