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Working Offline

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Projects Working Offline

Working Offline – being able to open and work within SI5.5 when you are not connected to the same network where the machine resides that is running the SI5.5 Server Components.

Issue: you are away from your network (laptop) and when you launch SI5.5 your login fails with the following message – “We could not locate your SI5.5 Server. Please check the server name and try again.”


Solution: In the future, you must take disconnect from the SI5.5 Server prior to leaving your network.  To do this, within the SI5.5 Navigator select File->Disconnect form SI5.5 Server:


You will see the following message letting you know that you should “check out” any projects you wish to edit while disconnected or to use the “Make project available offline” option for any projects you just wish to view while disconnected:



When you choose to disconnect from the SI5.5 Server, your license is “cached” locally on your machine so that you may work away from your network.  When you launch SI5.5 when disconnected from the server, you will not be prompted to login, the software will just open.

***Please note: When working offline some software functions will not be available.  These include working in the Clients and Contacts tab, the Scheduling tab as well as the Orders and Accounting tab.

When you are connected back to your network, launch SI5.5 and select File->Connect to SI5.5 Server to put yourself back “online”:


You can then synchronize your database and check-in any projects that you have modified.

If you actually are connected to your network when you get the “We could not locate your SI5.5 Server. Please check the server name and try again” message then please see this article

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