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Estimator on a SI5.5 Trial Machine

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If you purchased SI5.5 Estimator after trying our SI5.5 Trial (which is the full Professional version), you may want to keep some or all of the projects that you created while working with the Trial.

1. Open SI5.5 Professional and check out all your projects. The default folder they get checked out (local projects folder) to is:

Win7/Vista - C:\Users\username\Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects

Note: If your Trial period has expired, you will not be able to login to do this. If you never checked-in any projects to the SI5 Server during the Trial then the project files will already be in the local project path above. If you did check in projects during the Trial, the most current version of the project could be in either the local projects folder or in the server projects folder. In this case you would want to do a date/time comparison between the two folders. The default path to the server projects folder is C:\DToolsData\Projects.

2. Rename your local projects folder from "D-Tools SI5 Projects" to something else, a new folder will get created when you install SI5.5 Estimator.

3. Open Control Panel->Programs and Features and remove "System Integrator 5.5 (Client and Server)".

Note: your product database will NOT be removed during this reinstall, you will have full access to it automatically once SI5.5 Estimator is installed.

4. Install SI5.5 Estimator following these instructions.

5. Import your project files following the instructions on this page for "Import a project".

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