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Category and Type Definitions

Active or Passive Component Category Decision Tree:

Does anything plug into it?  If yes then active.  The only exception is motorized screens and mounts.

  1. Is it a wire?  If yes then Category = Wire and Cable
  2. Is it a mount or a bracket?  If yes then Category = Mounts
  3. Is it an equipment rack or rack accessory?  If yes then Category = Equipment Rack
  4. Is it a back box or an enclosure, does anything else get installed in it?  If yes then Category = Enclosure
  5. Is it furniture or decoration?  if yes then Category = Furniture
  6. Is it a grill or a plate?  if yes then Category = Plates
  7. Is it a front or rear projection screen?  If yes then category = Screens

Anything else is an Active Component.

Category Keywords

Before any component can be classified you need to answer the question; what is the primary function of the device?  Does it fit into any of the categories below?  Each Category will have a set of keywords that will be UNIQUE to that specific category.  A good test of the validity of the Category Keyword is to google the keyword or keyword phrase in " " and the category name without quotes and see if the first page of the results matches the expected category.  Check out the result for "class d" amplifiers as it relates to the Amplifier category http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q="class%20d"%20amplifier&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi

Type Classification fields:

The fields in each Category spreadsheet are used to further describe each Category Type (Sub-Category)

  1. Sub-Category - The name of subcategory (type)
  2. Notes - Add any comments, descriptions, definitions here
  3. Keywords - additional words that can be used to describe the specific type
  4. Definition - How is this item (type) defined?  how is it diffferent from the other types in the category?
  5. Rank - Add the number of current products in the database. 
  6. Add to - Means mistyped subcategory, should be added to another one.  Name the new Category/Subcategory here
  7. Delete - delete this category after moving items
  8. Link - Add any relevant links to this type here
  9. Dims - Does this subcategory need dimensions to be represented in plan or elevation view?  Another way to ask is does this subcategory need to be represented in a drawing?
  10. I/O's - Does this subcategory need to have inputs and outputs configured?  Another way to ask is does this subcategory need to represented on a schematic page?
  11. Thumbnail - Is a Thumbnail image needed for reports and flow view?
  12. Custom Elevation Shape - Does this subcategory need a custom elevation shape or will the category specific shape suffice?  note: I need to create rules for this.
  13. Custom Plan Shape - Does this subcategory need a custom plan shape?
  14. Picture 1-3 - Add a link to a typical product for that sub category
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