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Effects of Categorization

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Selection of category and type is important, because many things are dependent on these values. Specifically:

Phase and Install Hours - in CMS, these are determined automatically based on Category and Type. These values are stored in a lookup table (see Administration > Subcategories). Both Category and Type are required - if Type is blank, then both Phase and Install Hours will be blank.

Data Type - during import, the type of new products created depends on Category. Specifically:

  • Category = Speaker creates a Speaker product, which has an extra Dispersion data field
  • Category = Wire and Cable creates a Wire product, which
  • All other categories create an Equipment product, with normal data fields

Per unit or per length pricing - For Wire products only, whether a product is priced by the unit or by the length is determined by the Phase. If Phase=Rough-In, wire is priced by length. In CMS, categorization affects this, since phase is automatically determined based on type. At present, Category="Wire and Cable" and Type="Rough In" will result in a wire that is priced by length.

Component ID - by default, in SI5.5, component ID's include three letters for type (users can change this)

Default Shapes - when a product is added to a drawing page, the shape is determined by the Category and Type

  • Wires - have a special shape (line) on all pages. Completely different from all other categories. Type does not matter.
  • Speakers - have a special shape on Schematic, Elevation, and Plan View pages
  • Plan View icons - the shape of the icon dropped depends on the Category/Type. This is based on industry standards. For example, CATV drops as a triangle. Audio Sources drop as a hexagon. Most others are square. Also, the icon label is determined by the category.
  • Elevation view - many Category/Types have custom elevation shapes. For example, Amplifiers/Multichannel has a different shape than Amplifiers/Stereo, which is different from Audio Sources/DVD

Data Requirements

- UNDER DISCUSSION. Depending on the Category/Type, different data is required. For example, Brackets don't need I/O's. Dimensions are not required for Service products. We're considering adding this to the Administration > Subcategories table so that we don't bother trying to add data for products that don't need it.  Specifically this is the information that needs to be determined on a per Type basis:

  1. Dimensions - Does this subcategory need dimensions to be represented in plan or elevation view?  Another way to ask is does this subcategory need to be represented in a drawing?
  2. I/O's - Does this subcategory need to have inputs and outputs configured?  Another way to ask is does this subcategory need to represented on a schematic page?
  3. Thumbnail - Is a Thumbnail image needed for reports and flow view?
  4. Custom Elevation Shape - Does this subcategory need a custom elevation shape or will the category specific shape suffice?  note: I need to create rules for this.
  5. Custom Plan Shape - Does this subcategory need a custom plan shape?
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