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Taxes in my Proposal do not match my calculations

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Symptoms: After generating a proposal and running a report, my Taxes do not match my manual calculations, or even QuickBooks Estimate calculations


Cause: One of the most common reasons for having tax differences in an Estimate in QuickBooks that is generated from a Proposal in D-Tools System Integrator has to do with not all items in the Proposal in System Integrator being taxed in the Proposal.   When you add/create/download a new item in the MMPD, it isn't always marked to be taxed by default, so it is always a good practice to check that all items that need to be taxed, are indeed being taxed. 


Solution: Start by verifying that your tax calculations under setup and in the proposal under Options are set correctly, if they are continue on. There are a couple of ways of doing this.  Initially when editing the product, you can check that the Taxable checkbox is marked as pictured below, if this is indeed a taxable item.




Another method of doing this is to enable the Taxable Column in a Proposal or in the MMPD Product Grid window.   To enable it in the Proposal simply open any project in Estimator, click on the Columns and Grouping icon, and enable the Taxable column.  You will now have the ability to quickly verify if all your items are correctly being taxed/not taxed.



Here’s a screen shot of the same column being enabled in the MMPD (Manage My Product Data) under Product Grid.


As mentioned earlier, you also need to make sure that your tax percentage is set correctly.  In a Proposal click on D-Tools > Options > Estimated Taxes



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