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The Manage Users interface allows you to create Users in SIX and assign them to Groups with permissions that you choose. You can also create Resources. We are mixing around terminology here so here is an explanation:


User - a person granted the ability to login to SIX, a "user" of SIX.

Resource - a person that can be assigned to Projects, Tasks, and Service Orders. You may or may not grant the ability to login to SIX to a Resource.


So, the logic statement here is: "Every User is a Resource, but not every Resource is a User."

What are the benefits of this feature?


Each User needs login credentials to access functions/features of SIX. You control what access each user has via Group permissions.

When to use this feature?


When you initially setup SIX, as well as adding new Users/Resources over time.



You must be logged into a SIX Client with a User assigned to the Group "Administrators", or be in a Group that has been granted permission to create Users, in order to do this.



This is the Manage Users form:


manage users form.jpg


When you install SIX, a default User Name and Password are automatically created:


User Name: admin

Password: admin

Add/Edit/Delete Users/Resources


This form allows you to Add, Edit, Delete Users/Resources. Click here for details on creating Users/Resources.





You can manage your Groups. Groups are where you set permissions for your Users.


user groups.jpg





You can manage your Roles. This will open the Manage Roles form where you can add/edit/delete roles. Roles are designations for you Users/Resources that identify what they do.



Send E-Mail


You can send an email to a User providing them with their login information:





This allows you to disconnect users from the SIX Server when needed. This is rarely used but could be necessary if a user chooses to Work Offline and then their laptop dies.





Click here for instructions.

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