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This describes the various machine configurations recommended/required to install SIX.



SIX is intended to be used in a multi-user multi-computer environment.


SIX must be installed on Windows, there is no Mac version of SIX. If using a Mac, you will need to install on Windows either in Bootcamp, Parallels or some other virtualization software.

Network Configurations


The SIX Server should be installed on a dedicated server or on a desktop machine on your network. Unless you are a single user, installing the SIX Server on a laptop is not recommended as laptops are portable and can easily be removed from your network.


The machine running the SIX Server must have an internet connection for registration and updating your registration.


The SIX Client can be installed on as many machines on your network as you desire, regardless of how many licenses of SIX you have purchased. The SIX Client can be installed on the same machine as your SIX Server, but this is not required. This is common for single users who want to run both the SIX Server and SIX Client on their laptop.

Virtual Machines


Both the SIX Server and SIX client can be installed on a virtual machine if desired.

Parallels on a Mac


If you are running SIX 2013 on a server running on Parallels on a Mac it is important that you make sure your networking is set to "Bridged" in the Parallels configuration. Using shared networking will result in the app not be able to connect to the windows virtual. 


You can set up bridged networking in the parallels configuration.


  1. In your system tray right click on the parallels icon
  2. Select "Configure"
  3. In the configure dialog choose "Hardware"
  4. In the panel on the left of the hardware screen select "Network 1" (it may be named something different on your machine, so look for "Network ..." ) that should be the one).
  5. In the main panel next to "Type" select the "Bridged Network" "Default Adapter" selection.
  6. Restart you parallels virtual for the setting to take effect.

Common Configurations







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