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Revision 2 (R2) Release Notes



This is a recording of the live webinar we did 2/13/14 showing some of the new and enhanced features of D-Tools System Integrator SIX 2013 Revision 2 (R2).


Installing R2


R2 is both a SIX Server and Client update. Do not update any SIX Clients until the SIX Server has been updated.


There are some major changes in this version of SIX so we highly recommend that you run a backup of your SIX Server prior to updating. The installer changes below are non-reversible via a standard uninstall/reinstall so please run a backup of all data prior to updating your SIX Server.

Installer Changes


Active Report upgraded from version 3 to version 7.

QuickBooks SDK upgraded from a version 5 to version 12. We are able to transfer and sync the Manufacturer Part Number now. Also purchase orders transfer correctly in QuickBooks Canada now.


The SIX Server databases will be updated for new features like Vendors, etc.

Backing up your SIX Server and Updating


Export all custom reports from each SIX Client to the SIX Server via the Export Report feature


Check in all of your Projects from each SIX Client


Backup your SIX Server


Update your SIX Server


Update each SIX Client


QuickBooks setup will need to be re-done due to the update of the Intuit SDK.


Major Features


Project Editor and Reports - support Optional and Alternate Items
Project Editor - filters can be stored and applied with a Custom Layout
Project Editor - supports filtering on the Item Summary view
Taxes - Improved model with support for multiple taxes and tax groups
Vendor List Management
Visio - Open multiple drawings for the same project in same Visio instance with a single Project Editor
Visio and AutoCAD - Paste Special function with option to paste shapes with a Prompt (or) Clone (or) Alternate shapes 
Reports - speed and memory usage improvements
Reports - Each project can have a custom Cover Page and Proposal report image
QuickBooks - Export Change Orders
QuickBooks - Export and sync Part Number
New permission  - "View Costs" in Catalog and Projects
New permission - "View My Clients" and "View My Contacts" (Clients and Contacts have an optional owner)
Custom Layouts  - Persist column widths and save from grid views. 



Added "Created On" date for Products/Labor Items/Packages
Marking a product as Discontinued prompts you to remove/replace the product if it is an Accessory in a Package
Product Import Improvements - Option to Auto Match to first Close Matches and use Part Number to identify exact matches
IO Studio Enhancement to allow signal and terminal to be mass updated
Increase Location and System names length to 100 characters
Start terminal and End terminal to be be independent fields for wire and not part of Product IO structure
Add "Set From" feature to Price Rules
Add Product Dialog to allow filtering by Unit Cost, Unit Price and MSRP
Allow Edit of Alternate and Accessory Items in Editors (Catalog and Project)
Display Alternate and Accessory Count in Editors (Catalog and Projects)
Add a "round up" check box to the calculation for Rack Units



Update Project Items from CSV
Mass Update in Project Items has an option to update similar items
Add ability to Clone everything in a Location but maintain the Systems and vice versa
Wire Connection Viewer - view from connected product and to connected product on a wire and allow disconnect
Check in all projects has option to keep projects checked out
Support drag and drop on summary views in Project Editor
Allow Locations and Systems to be sorted in location and system order when grouped in Items View
Package Explorer to have a "Configure and Add to Project" option
Add permission to Create Product and Create Labor in Projects
Add "Manage Custom Fields" to New Project Wizard (NPW) and Project Information Dialogs
Display Total Installation Price in Items View in Project Editor
Improve Compare with Catalog to compare to a specific price type
Add Abbreviation field for Subcategories and use in Component ID format
Remove Product and Labor Views from Project Editor to conserve memory
Add export to CSV for the Project Compare Editor
Clone project has option to copy client and contacts
Add Option in Project Editor to turn grid editing On or Off
Add an option to compare both cost and price for adjusted products in a Change Order



Add Mass Update to shape shortcut menus in Visio and AutoCAD 



Location and System Visio Shapes
Wire shapes to have an option in Visio to use subcategory as layer name
Improve Drop Connected Shapes in Visio to connect to neutral port on schematic shape and also work in Plan View



Add the ability to Sync all products and labor with QuickBooks
Prompt user to save project after exporting to QuickBooks estimate or QuickBooks purchase order
Display Tax Groups and Tax Items in QuickBooks dropdowns
Assign a Customer:Job to each purchase order line item
Add setting to auto-filter out OFE Products on QB Estimates and POs
Improved the Create QuickBooks Items form to display Acct# and persist size

Service Orders


Variable Labor Items using Phase labor did not display correct price on service orders
Add prompt to save Svo when the Service Order Editor is closed        



Improve Image Quality for Company Logo and Cover Page Images
Company Logo size increase to 200px * 200px for better clarity
Add ability to turn off Group totals on proposal reports via Parameter
Corrupted image should not crash reports
Add "Export to project folder" option to the Report Viewer
Add labor information to the Profit Analysis section of the Project Summary report
Add setting to allow user to choose what report runs for the Project Summary button
Change Order reports available in Manage Reports UI
Field Chooser choices for Brother Wire Labels persist
Add field "Subcategory" to reporting xml        

Clients and Contacts


Add E-Mail to Client and Vendor
Add ability to type a name in the Client field and if client does not exist prompt to add client



SCW - Add a check if custom SQL Instance supports SQL Authentication
SCW - Allow Server Data Folder to be changed in SCW for upgrade use cases    



Add "My Account" dialog to allow change of currently signed in user name, e-mail and password
Right-click should put into focus the item you right-click on
Add app setting to change the text color for accessories
Add keyboard shortcut "F3" to get to the Search field on all forms
Reuse SQL CE Data Context
Organize Settings XML files as part of R2 upgrade
SQL CE Database uses "Version" in the name
Split Sync Down Thumbnails to a separate EXE
Add a "Reset" to all Settings       



Replace function should clear Accounting Estimate Number, Order and Install fields (9337)
Move the "Add from Project Settings" section to the far left on all Location and System interfaces (9300)
Issues with Line Item Detail Report (9331)
Labor Items should display at the bottom of the Create QuickBooks Items form (9297)
Labor Items should display after equipment in QB Estimate (9296)
Run report for selected items will not account for ignore labor in package items (8832)
In line item detail report optional products must follow hide zero prices report settings. (9362)
Bulk Wire 3 shape's text is not part of the Wire and Cable layer (9364)
Using more than two filters can result in bad data being returned on Wire Checklist report (7256)
If Sales Tax is turned off in QBW cannot export Estimate (9402)
Non-billable items are transferring to QuickBooks with pricing (9465)
Recommend and Prompt option for accessories in packages is giving unexpected results (9439) 
Change Brother wire label designation from "D" to "F" (9328)
Project Hours report does not work properly for Revision compares (9535)
Refreshing the Project Grid should maintain the same selected item (9526)

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