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Upgrading from SI4.6



This explains upgrading from SI4.6 to SIX.



There is no direct path from SI4.6 to SIX. SI4 data and Projects must first be converted to SI5.5 format, then they must be converted to SIX format.


Each Project must be converted individually.


You must contact Support in order to receive a temporary SI5.5 CD Key to proceed.

Converting SI4.6 Product Data


  1. Download and install the SI5.5 Server and SI5.5 Client:


SI5.5 Server

SI5.5 Client


You will need to register SI5.5 with the temporary CD Key that we provide you.


  1. Open SI4.6 and synchronize your data.
  2. Open the SI5.5 Client then open the Manage My Product Data interface. Click Administration->Database and use the function at the bottom of the interface to browse to your SI4.6 MasterTable.mdb file:


legacy converter.jpg

The default location for your SI4 database is: C:\Program Files\D-Tools\SI4


  1. That will convert your SI4 Product database to SI5.5 format.
  2. On the Start page in SI5.5, click the “Sync product data” link and allow your local data to be copied to the SI5.5 Server. This is what will actually convert to SIX format.



Convert SI4.6 Projects to SI5.5 Format


  1. Open the SI5.5 Client and click the Projects tab.
  2. Click the “Import a project” link:




See here for instructions on importing Projects. Although you can convert Sales Orders and Work Orders to SI5.5 format, these will not convert to SIX format.


When you convert SI4 Projects to SI5.5 format, no Revisions will be converted.

Upgrading SI5.5 Product Data and Projects to SIX


Click here for instructions.

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