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NetSuite is an ERP application for medium to large organizations. If your company is using NetSuite, and you would like to push your project information into NetSuite, please consider using one of the two integration options available as it streamlines the process and eliminates double data entry. 


Option 1 - API-Based integration


This option leverages the API and covers a bi-directional workflow that can also be automated. This integration is offered by one of our integration development partners and the cost vary based on the requested features. This is our recommended workflow and features for the integration:


Integration Flow Direction Details
NetSuite Estimate to D-Tools Project NetSuite to D-Tools Sends estimates created in NetSuite to D-Tools as projects. This enables sales teams to select the proper customer within the NetSuite system and maintain a linked quote in NetSuite for pipeline tracking using NetSuite CRM.
D-Tools Approved Project to NetSuite Sales Order D-Tools to NetSuite When a project is approved in D-Tools it will be picked up by the integration and a sales order will be created in NetSuite. If this project is originated as a NetSuite estimate this will transform the original NetSuite estimate to a Sales Order to maintain the link and mark that pipeline activity as closed/won. This flow supports custom fields and optional item and customer creation.
D-Tools Change Order to NetSuite Sales Order D-Tools to NetSuite When an approved change order is created in DTools it will be automatically pushed to NetSuite. This incoming change order will adjust the original NetSuite sales order for the project. Optionally the ability to create a separate sales order or the return authorization is supported (but not recommended due to processing complexities). Our recommended developer offers a set of custom change order fields on the sales orders in NetSuite which allow for accurate reporting and processing of change order data.
Item Auto-Generation Upon Order Creation D-Tools to NetSuite Optionally when a new sales order is created in NetSuite any items that are not already within the NetSuite tool can be auto-created via the integration. Defaults for setting the appropriate item settings, accounts, names, etc are available.
Customer Auto-Generation Upon Order Creation D-Tools to NetSuite Optionally create a new customer if they do not exist when a D-Tools order is pushed to NetSuite. If not using the quote > sales order tracking a customer can be auto-created when the order hits NetSuite.
Item Pricing Sync D-Tools to NetSuite Optional manual sync of D-Tools item pricing to NetSuite periodically to update all pricing. This functionality is used if vendor pricing is already synced with D-Tools and the client wishes to sync that DTools pricing to NetSuite
Shared File Link to NetSuite D-Tools to NetSuite D-Tools files stored on a shared drive when creating projects in D-Tools can be linked via the hyperlink on incoming sales orders in NetSuite. This gives users a one-click link to the D-Tools files. The preferred solution is Office365/Sharepoint for file linking
Sync Dashboard NetSuite D-Tools to NetSuite sync dashboard and menu tab to manually trigger order syncs or view recent orders which were synced between the systems.

Important: When using this integration, Change Orders must use unique numbering. You cannot use the same numbers for both external or internal. There can only be a single sequence for numbering the Change Orders.


Please consult with your account executive for pricing information. We can connect you with our developer so a quote can be created for you.






Option 2 - Custom Report - Manual Excel/CSV file Import



We offer a custom report that was built based on the requirements below:




D-Tools Quote #/Ext ID

D-Tools Project Number

Client Nbr/Ext ID

D-Tools Client Number

What it is

Project Custom Field 1

Oppty/Ext ID

Project Custom Field 2

Line Sequence Number


Item/Ext ID

Component ID




Extended Price

Item Rate

Unit Price


Short Description of the item

The way this option works, users would run this custom report and then export it as a CSV file, then import the CSV into NetSuite. Please see the section below (Exporting D-Tools SI Projects) for details. This report can be modified to meet your current utilization of Product/Labor Custom Fields. While this option (custom report) has no direct costs, please note that development fees may apply to further modify this report.



Custom Report Import Instructions: (one-time setup)

  1. Contact us at api@d-toolshelp.com and request the custom report for Netsuite
  2. Please inform us if which Custom Fields you are using
  3. Click on Start -> Reports -> Manage Reports -> Import -> File -> Browse to the Netsuite Export.dtr file
  4. From the Manage Reports Window -> Export -> Server
  5. All users will then be able to download the report file from the server and use this report moving forward.



Exporting D-Tools SI Projects


The process for D-Tools users is the following

  1. The user selects a project and clicks on “Reports” Tab
  2. User select “Client.”
  3. The user runs the report (Netsuite Export) 
  4. The user saves the report as a CSV file
  5. User import the file.csv into Netsuite


If you have any additional questions, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com 






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