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Computer Ease is an accounting software for Construction and Security companies. If your company is using Computer Ease for accounting, and you would like to push your project information into Computer Ease, please consider using this integration as it streamlines the process and eliminates double data entry. There is no additional cost for using this integration. 


While Computer Ease does not offer an API, or a direct way to integrate with D-Tools, we developed a custom report that pushes project totals, broken down by a Custom Field (CF2 by default). This report can be modified to meet your current utilization of Product/Labor Custom Fields.




1. Work with your D-Tools Consultant to determine the specific needs for a Custom Report that will prepare D-Tools project data for import to Computer Ease. 


2. Once you have a report, in SI, go to Start -> Reports, then open "Manage Reports"

Manager Reports.PNG



3. Click on Import -> File

Import Report.PNG



4. Import the Computer Ease Report


5. The Computer Ease Custom Report is now part of your available reports. You may choose to click on Export -> Server to share this report with all the other users.



Exporting D-Tools SI Projects


The process involves few easy steps:

1- Once you complete a project in D-Tools, or when you want to “integrate” with Computer Ease, click on Reports -> Report Category (this will vary depending on the category of your choice) -> Computer Ease Export.


2- Save the report as an Excel file.


3- Once in excel, click on “Save as”, and select Text file (tab-delimited)


4- Computer Ease can import *.txt files into their system.



If you have any additional questions, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com 






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