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Kuali Financial Systems (KFS) is an open source third-party software for Higher Education Accounting Management. This integration offers customers the ability to export SI Projects to Kuali, eliminating double data entry and making it easier to manage projects that were originally designed in D-Tools.


While this is not an API integration, SI Projects can be exported (from SI) to KFS by using a custom report. In order to use this integration, please first import the attached custom report. You will also need a KFS account to proceed.


This integration is offered without an additional charge.



1. In SI, go to Start -> Reports, then open "Manage Reports"

Manager Reports.PNG



2. Download the Custom Report from this link


3. Click on Import -> File

Import Report.PNG



4. Import the KFS Report




5. The KFS Custom Report is now part of your available reports. You may choose to click on Export -> Server to share this report with all the other users.

Exporting D-Tools SI Projects


The way this integration works with KSF is that you will run the KFS Custom Report, save as an Excel, then import into KFS.


  1. From the Project Explorer in SI select the Project you wish to export and then click the Reports tab, then Management




  1. This will open a window showing all of your Management Reports. Click on the KFS Report Icon then "Run":

KFS By Manufacturer.PNG



  1. A new window will open up showing the report. Click on the "Export to Excel" as shown below:

Export to Excel.PNG



4. Microsoft Excel will open as shown below. You can now import into your Kuali Financial System application using the "Import" feature.



For additional details on the KFS Import process, please consult with your IT or accounting department, or visit https://kuali.org/about/#intro 


If you have any additional questions, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com 






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