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Acumatica is a third-party software for Customer Relationship Management services.



This is a paid integration, offered as a subscription. This integration is only available for Software Assurance (SA) Subscribers. Please also note it is only supported by the latest versions of D-Tools System Integrator. The price is provided by request, and it is charged by the developer of the integration. Please contact Travis Kleckner <travis@tekconsultingllc.com> to sign up for the integration.


Integration/API Access

Please request access to the integration by sending an email to api@d-toolshelp.com prior to performing the setup. Please include on your email that you would like access to the Acumatica Integration provided by Tek Consulting. D-Tools will enable access to the API for your license key.


Initial Setup

In order to use this integration, you must first set it up. This is a one-time setup. You will need an active Acumatica account and have purchased the integration to proceed.


1- In SI, go to Start->Control Panel, then open "Manage Integrations". Important note: If this feature is not available, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com requesting access to this particular integration, and we will enable it for you. Please note you must be on the latest version of D-Tools and subscribe to Software Assurance (SA) to access this feature.


2- Copy the API key and provide it to Travis Kleckner. Travis will walk you through the setup, as well as assist with the initial setup.


If you have any additional questions, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com

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